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Monday, August 06, 2012

Fun with phonics

So I'm a little bit in love with my new iPad.

One of my favourite things is the dictation software which allows me to update my blog without actually having to sit at Brighton tight. No, not "sit at Brighton tight", sit upright!

Sitting upright is something of a challenge at the moment, so anything that makes life easier is always much appreciated.

So yes, the software is not without limitations, but it still seems very much into my printer placement. Dammit feeds into my laziness. Nothing to do with my printer placement.

TheBloke (TM), being of a South African persuasion, has enjoyed trying out this software using his best Afrikaans accent. This mostly involves saying "arse cream" instead of ice cream. Fortunately the iPad is not so uncouth as to know the word arts. Arts dammit, ARSE! Ah, there we go.

Now a word from TheBloke (TM) in his native South African accent:

"Laura watched Sex and the City the movie this evening."

Fucking thing works fine sometimes, doesn't it? Don't tell anyone. Anyway, it was a massive partnership. Not a partnership, acheiral of sheet. For fox sake, acheiral of sheets. A kind of shipped. A pile of shipped. Close enough.

iPad review of the film: A pile of shipped. For fox sake.

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