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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Writer's block(ed sink)

As a reasonably long-time blogger, I'll admit there are occasions when it's difficult to find a topic to write about.  There might be really funny stories from work that I'd like to tell you about, but it would be inappropriate to do so (I recently had to complete some mandatory e-learning on "Social Networks", so I'm not allowed to tell you anything about my job at all.  I work for MI5.  I'm a spy.  Bwah ha ha.).  Perhaps there's something fascinating in my personal life, or that of a friend, but because they might read the Plog, I can't divulge all.

So sometimes, in order to generate material for you, my dear reader, I have to do one of two things:

  1. Visit Mr and Mrs Nunn - this provides me with endless anecdotes with which to amuse you.  However they are often so ridiculous, most people refuse to accept their veracity.  Which is unfair, because anyone who's met my parents knows they are unconditionally crazy.
  2. Have a kitchen installed.  Last time this happened, the kitchen fitter ate all my chocolates (whilst replacing the ribbons to make it look like it was a full box of chocs), disappeared for a month and stole my iPod.  Whilst I'm hoping for nothing quite so calamitous this time, I am still hopeful it will provide me with an anecdote or to, with which to regale you.  The kitchen is about 75% complete so far (with the sink already fitted in the wrong place), so there's good scope.
You will be delighted to know that in addition to having a kitchen fitted, I am also meeting Mrs Nunn for lunch. Surely this should spawn a bumper crop of Plogs?  Watch this space.

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