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Monday, August 04, 2014

Making a meal of it

"There is chicken and vegetable pasta in the fridge for the toddler," I said to Mrs Nunn. "And for dessert, she can have some natural yoghurt with the pureed raspberries and blackberries from the garden." I wrote it down on a special piece of paper, as Mrs Nunn likes lists.

Off we went to a lovely wedding.

Getting home that evening, I ask Mrs Nunn if the toddler ate all her dinner. Mrs Nunn says, "Oh, she actually had some of our pizza for dinner."

"OK," I say. "Did she eat all the yoghurt?"

"I forgot to give it to her," says Mrs Nunn. "But she did have an ice-cream from the ice-cream van."

"What?! That's not very healthy!"

"She only had a little bit. We had most of it," Mrs Nunn says defensively.

Readers, I will let you judge for yourself as to whether or not Mrs Nunn is a big fat liar.

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