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Monday, August 25, 2014

Minding your Ps and FUs.

Manners are important. This is what we tell our toddler regularly, as she demands something or other. She almost always gets whatever it is that she wants, but we feel slightly better about indulging her if she lisps, "Pease, Mummy", appropriately.

She hasn't quite yet mastered, "thank you" yet. Instead she prefers to say, "No pease" when she doesn't want something. So far, so cute, but every day's a school day.

In the library, I asked her if she'd like to choose another book. "No pease, Mummy," she said.

"How about saying, 'no thank you, Mummy?'" I suggested. "You say it! Say 'thank you'."

This was a mistake.

For the next 10 minutes, my middle-class smugness at entertaining my child in the library was shattered by my offspring running around shouting, "No, fuck you Mummy."

We might stick to "no pease" for now.

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