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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plumb stupid

We are currently having a new bathroom installed.  This was possibly the worst false economy ever.  Essentially our shower had stopped running hot, and the only way to fix it was to take all the tiles off the wall... and then have to retile the whole bathroom.  This would have cost about £1000.  TheBloke (TM) and I decided that we'd bite the bullet and have the whole bathroom redone.  Surely better to put that £1000 towards something tangible.

What a stupid idea.

The last few days (it feels like months) have involved:

  • Splinters in our feet from the floorboards where the bathroom floor used to be
  • Our whole house - and our very souls - covered in dust
  • The absolute joy which is attempting (and usually failing) to flush your own excrement down the toilet with a bucket of water.  Even more fun when you get splashback
  • Finding out someone (not naming anyone, but I'm 92% sure it was the plasterer) has chipped the new bath
  • Finding out B&Q are so inept that not only did they forget to order the pump, but ordered a bath panel and a toilet seat that don't fit the bath and toilet they also ordered.  Mike at Ilford is a particular fuckwit.   Avoid.
  • Plaster that the plasterer told us was dry "immediately", according to the tilers is still not dry 72 hours later.  So there's no point them doing any work on Friday or Saturday.  Sunday morning at 8 a.m. is fine though.
  • Did I mention my very soul is covered in dust?
The good news is that my work has really nice showers.  I mean really nice.  Massive shower heads, impressive water pressure, free fluffy white towels, free shower gel and shampoo, and even hairdryers.

Which makes me think that perhaps I should have just abandoned the idea of getting our own bathroom sorted out, and just moved into the office.  I mean, they've got a microwave, showers and water, what more do you need?  There's even a rest room with a little bed.  And a vending machine for snacks.  And think of the money we'd save on the mortgage.

So I'm going to ask my manager if we can all move in.  Me, TheBloke (TM) and Monty Cat.  Got to be easier than home improvements (unimprovements?).


Anonymous said...

Actually cannot think of a flaw in this argument. Plus you could rent out your house and go out for a meal every night on the income?

Anonymous said...

And no commute!


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