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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seventh Annual BBQ Extravaganza

Well, what an exciting weekend.  This weekend was the much-anticipated SeABE, which as regular Ploggers will of course know, stands for the Seventh Annual BBQ Extravaganza.  For seven whole years, Erica and I have been getting together for a summer BBQ.  Over the years we have been joined by Dean, and TheBloke (TM), and, this year, making her first appearance, we welcomed Charlie, who added her own mark on the event, notably by grinning a lot and pointing at things she wanted.  Also she slept 12 hours straight.  She makes this baby thing look easy.  Either that or her parents are drugging her.  Just saying.

The weirdest part of the weekend for me was seeing photos TheBloke (TM) had taken of us.  I mean, I know I'm carrying a teeny bit of pregnancy weight, but I never get to see myself from side on.  So it was a bit of a shock to see this.

I am a whale.  Hey ho.  Only another two months to go, and then I'm sure I'll snap straight back to my size 8s.  

So we all ate meat, and bread and plastic cheese (no BBQ is complete without plastic cheese), much to TheBloke (TM)'s disgust; he is a firm believer in the South African braai where only "proper meat" - steaks and suchlike are allowed near the grill.  Plastic cheese, pork sausages and especially burgers are an absolute no-no.  I did notice though that this aesthetic predisposition didn't prevent him from cramming a burger (with plastic cheese) and four sausages into his big fat mouth.

The weather was OK - which is something of a miracle, given the deluge of rain we've had so far this year.  And hopefully, all being well, there will be six of us next year at the EABE.

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