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Friday, March 29, 2013

Doctoring the truth

So, we're beginning to wean the baby.  This means introducing solid foods.  Because I am essentially lazy, we decided to do something called Baby-Led Weaning.  Some consider this a hippy approach as the idea is you let the baby decide when to wean, you don't purée anything and the baby eats what you eat (watching, of course, salt content and / or omitting the glass of vodka from their diet.  Depending on how they're sleeping).

We didn't make a conscious decision, per se, to go down this route, but after being bored stupid of her grizzling at yet another restaurant in South Africa, I handed her a piece of (gasp) white toast to shut her up, for her to play with.  I was a bit surprised when she actually ate it.  Once this had happened, there seemed little point in going back to purée.

So far she has managed bananas, pears, apples, toast (with and without Philadelphia), cheese, roast potatoes, green beans, grapes, carrots, pasta bolognese chicken, prawns and - brilliantly - spicy jambalaya.

Every so often I have a fit of, "Bollocks, I bet I've done something stupid," and drive myself mental Googling, "safe for 6 month old to have grapes?"

Today I was searching for a recipe to make some breadsticks and stumbled across this website.

The website, in careful bold lettering instructs you: REMEMBER: Always consult your child's doctor before introducing new foods.

Really?  Really?

"Hello, doctor's surgery, how can I help you?"  (This would never happen.  The receptionists are so rude, they're more likely to swear at me and "accidentally" cut me off than ask how they can help.)

"Hi, I'd like to make an appointment for as soon as possible please.  My daughter would like to try some banana and I need to know if that's OK.  Oh, also, could you make an appointment for the day after, because I was planning mashed potato?  And the day after that, as we're going to have some pasta."

Does anyone actually do this?  And how long before their doctor blacklists them?

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