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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cat nap

Crikey, I have been an absent Plogger.  Must try harder.

So what's been keeping me so busy?  Well, if I'm totally, utterly honest, mostly afternoon naps.  You see, the temperature hasn't risen above freezing for about two weeks, and essentially, when this happens, my body goes into survival mode.  Here are the necessary ingredients for survival mode:

  • Central heating turned up to the maximum setting
  • Compulsory Slanket to be worn at all times
  • Stash of chocolate to be no further than 6 inches from my face
  • TV remote in graspy little hand
  • Kindle at arm's reach
  • Ideally, a purry Monty Cat to use as a pillow / hot water bottle.

Of course, I've had to drag myself away from the sofa FIVE horrid times this week, in order to go to work.  At work, the maximum temperature setting is 23 degrees, which kind of sounds OK (in Celcius), but when you're sitting on your arse all day, it gets pretty nippy pretty quickly.  And unfortunately for me, the financial sector is still very much "suited and booted" and less (more's the pity) Slanket attire.  And according to my most recent written warning, they're not a fan of the afternoon nap either.  Meanies.  One day, when I'm in charge, things will change.

I've always been very much a "get up and go" kind of person.  Not since I was a teenager have I enjoyed a long lie in at weekends, and I'm usually up and about by 8.30 a.m. on a Sunday.  Well, that I can cheerfully report is very much still the case.  What has changed however, is the fact that I'm now fast asleep by 9.30 p.m. on the Saturday night.  And by 2 p.m. I'm due an afternoon nap.  Or two.

Usually by February the weather is getting better and you're seeing the first cherry blossom buds, or tentative snowdrops peeking their little heads above the damp soil.  This year we've got a couple of inches of snow that JUST WON'T FUCK OFF.  And so I am boycotting the world until it's gone.

Wake me up when it's spring.

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