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Sunday, October 02, 2016

The end and a new beginning

My lovely, lovely Ploggers. I have been Plogging for such a long time, over ten years in fact.

The Plog has seen me go from young, free and single aspiring stand-up comedian to married, suburban-with-two-children middle-aged woman with no job and several hundred thousand pounds of mortgage.

Shit, it sounds really bad when put like that.

Anyway, you'll be pleased (please feel free to substitute with "disappointed") to know that whilst this is the end of the Plog, this isn't the end of blogging.

Indeed, I have a new, shiny blog, just waiting for new adventures. Please come and find me at Nunn the Wiser.

There are already three exciting blogs to whet your appetite. Please bear with me for a few weeks whilst I sort out formatting and so forth, but I hope to Plog - I mean "blog" regularly from now on.

Thank you all for reading over the last decade. I hope to continue to disappoint you in the future.

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