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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fort tooth and claw

So, whilst the mouse is away, the Monty Cat plays. As does TheBloke (TM), apparently.

I'm in New York for almost another full week yet, and TheBloke (TM), has made good on his promise/threat to build a fort.

The worrying emailed updates from him started the day after I arrived in Manhattan.

Day 1

Some of the cardboard boxes I've collected are very flimsy and struggle to support any sizeable weight.

The cement under the grass limits my support beams.

The ladder will need thicker wood.

To be continued...

Day 2

The timber supplies arrived today. I forgot exactly how much I ordered. The back garden now looks like a lumberjack's dream.
Was finally able to break through the layer of cement under the grass and the central support structures are in place.
The rain today meant that I wasn't able to run the electrical cables. On the plus side, the rain has helped with the moat.
To be continued...

Day 3

There's not much I can do while I wait for the cement to dry.

Day 4

Stupid cat has left paw prints all over my cement foundation.
Problems encountered with the plumbing.
On the plus side, we have more fertilizer for our lawn now.

There's plenty of lawn left.
It's between the fort and the moat.


Finally a photo was sent. And hilariously, Monty Cat won't let TheBloke (TM) anywhere near it. He has built a fort for our cat. How manly.


Anonymous said...

I think TheBloke (TM)'s fort is:

still missing a moat (and a duck house?)

Barbara said...

I built a den out of leaves and sticks when i was about 11 and it was BETTER than Gordon's so there

Barbara said...
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