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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Beating off the competition

We are moving house soon. And as such, have decided to get rid of a lot of crap before we go, so we're not just transporting crap from one house to another.

Within this sort-out, I stumbled across my secondary school reports, handily contained in a single spiral-bound binder for future reference, in the case that a future employer may wish to find out what my Latin was like, aged 15 (non esset bonum).

I hate tidying at the best of times, and - as previously referenced - being pregnant is very much not the best of times. So, happy to have a few minutes' distraction, I leafed through my high school reports. I was delighted to come across my Religious Studies report for my upper fifth (Year 11).

I mean, yes, it doesn't necessarily seem immediately relevant to Religious Studies (it wasn't a Catholic school after all), but I think it's nice when the teachers really take the time to get to know their pupils' interests. Odd that the topic came up in the examination, but great for all concerned that it was "especially pleasing".

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