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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Commercial break

So yes, eagle-eyed viewers, I have sold out to da man.  You may notice adverts now on the Plog.  Hopefully they won't be intrusive or spoil your enjoyment.

It's interesting this ad thing; I get a certain amount of say a) where the ads appear and b) what type of ads are allowed - specifically I'm allowed to ban certain categories.  I have so far banned:

- Weight loss
- Get rich quick
- Gambling
- Dating
- Political (after a friend told me an anti-Obamacare ad appeared on my site)

So it's a trial for now.  And if it makes me £2 a month, I'll probably give up and remove them.  If, however, I can retire from the proceeds, I guess I'll keep it up.

However, dear readers, here's how you can help me:

  • If you find the ads distracting, let me know
  • If you find the subject matter of ads offensive (or think that I would), let me know - it's quite easy to prevent irritating ones appearing
Ads are normally targeted, so if you find that you're constantly getting ads for leather whips and gimp masks, it's probably more your fault than mine.

I'm not allowed to encourage you to click on the ads below.  So don't.  Don't click that flashing button.  Don't do it...


bethamphetamine said...

Printer ink. Boring!

Jack said...

Well I'm not sure I'm going to make you rich. I think I've deliberately clicked on an internet link once in my life - and that was when I was ten. I also use ad-block so I never see ads in a browser (I can chose to replace them with pictures of kittens if I wish). Also, I read your blog via an RSS feed, so I only get the text. Interesting to know how it goes though! Jack

Laura said...

I will get onto them and see if they can show more hardcore porn. Apologies.

L x