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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Breakfast banter

We park the car at the Wetherspoons pub on the way to Tesco. I wait in the car whilst TheBloke (TM) puts loose parking change in the ticket machine.

We enter the pub and sit at our usual table. We both glance cursorily at the menu.

"Usual?" asks TheBloke (TM). I nod. This is the only conversation needed so far. He goes to order.

After five minutes or so, our food arrives. A traditional breakfast for him, a breakfast bloomer for me (fried egg, bacon and sausage sandwich) and some tea and toast.

Then the silent ballet begins. We identify who has the runniest egg. If he does, we swap. I then carefully cut the yolk out of the egg and spread it on my bloomer. I place the egg white on TheBloke (TM)'s plate. He hands his hash browns to me. I give him my toast.

We chomp contentedly.

"Ready?" asks TheBloke (TM) after we have disposed of our breakfast. I nod.

We get back into the car and go to Tesco.

Most Saturdays the only two words we say before midday are "Usual?" and "Ready?"

It works.


Jo said...

That's a pretty sweet deal, getting hash browns in exchange for toast.

Laura said...

He gets egg white too, Jo... but to be honest, he'd suffer more than I would if I insisted on eating it...


L x