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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Time in lieu

Happy New Year, Ploggers!

Today saw a somewhat unwelcome return to the office - not just because I've had a week or so off, thank you very much, or even because it's so chilly outside, but also because with the overseas travel I did recently, it's been almost a month since I spent a day actually sitting at a desk. Not that when I was overseas I was standing at a desk. It wasn't the physical position at the desk I was talking about. It was more the presence of the desk itself. As in... oh, never mind.

I have to be honest with you - I suspect my employers for today's trauma. I am 99% sure that this morning the IT people were hacking into the system and altering the clocks on the PCs so they went back an hour every fifteen minutes. Because when my PC's clock showed 10 this morning, I felt as if I'd been in work for at least three days. Admittedly the IT department would also have had to change my watch and the office clocks, and the time on both my mobile phones and my Blackberry, but this is not beyond their wit. If they are able to crash an entire email system when I'm at my utmost busiest, then surely a bit of time-tomfoolery is not much of a challenge for them.

Anyway, I cleared all of my email, made a to-do list, renewed my home insurance (oh, the glamour) and at 10.21, announced to the team, "Right, that's enough work for 2008. See you next year. Have a good Christmas."

I've been working for nearly ten years. Surely I deserve a (fully-paid) year off?

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