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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A little bit green

I am easily brainwashed. At the moment I am trying to be a bit more green. I have always done fairly well - I recycle everything I can, have energy efficient appliances... but I have a weakness when it comes to carrier bags. I never remember to take my own to the supermarket, and whilst I do reuse carriers as bin liners, they tend to end up stockpiled in my cupboard, sometimes until they start to biodegrade.

So today, I thought it was time to save the environment. I did this by taking three carrier bags with me when I drove the ten-minute walk to Sainsbury's. I also bought eco-friendly washing powder, so if you all die of global warming, you can't blame me. These were my thoughts as I filled my car (which I only ever really use to drive to Sainsbury's and occasionally to visit my parents) up with petrol.

I used my carrier bags. All was good. I felt smug. Until I drove home, parked in front of the giant flood-puddle, where my parking space is, leaned over at an awkward angle to get the groceries from the boot without drowning... and the carrier bag split. Luckily I had a spare. Still at an awkward angle, I decanted groceries from the (frankly substandard) Costcutter bag to the (much more durable) Tesco bag. As I lifted them out of the boot, I dropped my car keys. In the puddle. Then a potato fell out of my bag. Then I twisted my arm. Then the split (substandard) Costcutter bag blew across the car park, and I had to abandon my groceries and my unlocked car whilst I chased after it.

God was clearly sending me the signal that we should screw the environment. I think I'll have roast panda bear for dinner.


Jo said...

I am at work and just laughed out loud as I read your Plog, and then had to pretend I was laughing at a spreadsheet; it wasn't very convincing I don't think. Anyway,
you should never ignore the signals; I would use as many plastic bags as possible from now (e.g. quadruple bag single potatoes), throw food out as soon as you buy it and take flights back to EMA when you go home. Wouldn't it be so much more fun if stopping global warming was the other way round?!
How was the roast panda?

Laura said...

The roast panda tasted a bit like char-grilled tiger, thanks. Not as salty as rhino but much tougher than dodo.

L x