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Saturday, February 02, 2008

New York - Part 3

So we were in New York, and eventually it got warm enough to venture out about half a block to the local diner, where we would defrost for breakfast, prior to struggling another five minutes to the subway. Subway is what they call their tube system over there. I am here to educate, not to judge.

Anyway, en route to the subway in Queens where we were staying, there was a psychic advertising his or her wares. Here. Have a look:

The (for once) very good point that TheBloke (TM) made was if this person was a genuine psychic then what the buggery bollocks would they need to read palms for? Fun? To pass the time? A little bit of much-needed human contact? We resolved to take a photo of the sign when it wasn't quite so cold... but wondered if the psychic would know this and move his or her sign indoors so we couldn't ridicule them on the Internet. Ha. Seems that they weren't quite as psychic as all that after all.

Also see their other sign:

I love this sign. For a grammar and spelling - let's face it - fanatic like myself, I totally adore all manner of rubbish signage. Look at the bottom line: "Adviseis on all matter if life". Genius.
I wanted to buy a red marker pen and add, "Also, proofreading".
TheBloke (TM) wouldn't let me, assuring me I could do it with Photoshop afterwards. But I couldn't be arsed.

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