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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cat nap

Monty Cat is on a special diet for life. Since having recurring urine infections earlier in the year, the vet has now put him on a permanent diet of wet food specifically for cats with faulty bladders. Monty Cat food now costs us more than £2 per day.

The cause of the faulty bladder? The vet said it was likely to be stress. Of course we immediately felt guilty; the problem had indeed started on a weekend when we went on holiday and left him with Mr and Mrs Nunn... the stress must have been our fault. We worried. We wrung our hands. We shelled out another £50 for another three weeks' worth of food.

Two weeks ago a new two-person sofa bed was delivered to the flat. TheBloke (TM) unpacked it. Before he was able to put it together, Monty Cat decided he'd have a (stressed) snooze.

Look at this picture. Look at it.

Does this look to you like a cat with stress problems? Or does it look to you like a lazy industrial-sized tiger masquerading as a house cat?

Fucking ginger bastard.

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the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I've never seen a cat sleep on it's back like that. Mine always curled up. Huh.