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Friday, December 14, 2007

Going through customs

I have started this Plog three times and have abandoned it just as many times, aware that it has turned into a strop. So instead of stropping individually about things, I will label the fact that I am clearly In A Mard, and instead bullet point some amusing things so far in Hong Kong.

  • The taxi driver who told us to get out because his car had broken down... and then drove off
  • The four taxi drivers who refused to pick me up this afternoon, possible because I was holding a big box, and maybe looking like a terrorist. Still, they pissed me off sufficiently to complain to reception, who didn't understand what I was talking about, and pointed me in the direction of the taxi rank. Thanks.
  • The stroppy bitch on yesterday's course who had a go at me because I flicked a business card down the table to her... Apparently you're supposed to pass it with two hands. Really? And that matters in your world? Grow up.
  • How quiet Chinese people are at work... and how noisy they are in large groups when socialising in bars.
  • Seeing the longest escalator in the world, which is a bit of a con as a) it isn't an escalator, it's a moving walkway and b) is broken into about six sections so is not technically one escalator. Or walkway.
  • Eating dinner with colleagues last night: the first meal I haven't eaten alone for about ten days.

That is all. If I think of anything else, I will let you know.

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