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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Candid camera

I have had a few requests from you foolhardy people out there, asking when my next gig is... Well, I'm going through my annual "I'm not sure I want to do comedy anymore" blip at the moment, so don't really have any gigs in diary. However, in the Christmas spirit, please find here a couple of links to some videoed material I did a few months back. I'm never sure that video footage of stand-up works that well; without sounding too pretentious (hopefully), I'm not sure the medium is right. A lot of my stuff works by bouncing jokes off of punters - not easy to do when it's you and a webcam.

Anyway, as I can't be arsed to write a proper blog today, have a gander at this and let me know what you think. The Sky one usually goes down really well with an audience, but comes across (I think) as a bit confrontational on camera. Also, it's horrid watching yourself, so I'll stop!



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