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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mass murder

Well, well, well, I hope you had a splendid festive period. Mine has been the usual whirlwind tour of trying (and failing) to see all of my friends, and eating far too much chocolate. Much like every other day of the year.

High points included:
  • The Midnight Mass service that I'm not allowed to talk about on pain of death from my mother, in case her friends read this. Let's just say that during the sermon the word "killing" was used instead of the word "kissing", to great (totally accidental) comic effect. One of the funniest moments ever because of its total inappropriateness.
  • Revisiting old family photo albums and scanning them into Facebook to irritate my friends.
  • A surfeit of bacon sandwiches - just the way it should be.
  • Lots of baths. My flat doesn't have a bath - just a shower cubicle. So one of my favourite things to do at my parents' is to stay in the bath for a ridiculous length of time. I may be part mermaid.
  • Sadly this year, I have failed to play (and beat) either Jack or Erica at Monopoly. I think they are scared. I did however win several hands of the card game "Cheat". I'm not sure what this says about me.

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Anonymous said...

I won more than you, and me and Erica agreed we were both happy to take our first and second places (respectively) into 2008, better luck next decade Laura..