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Monday, April 28, 2008

Freak show

Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4. Yes, I admit I'm bored this evening. I planned to be bored, as it was such a hectic weekend, but I'm already pretty much caught up on my Sky+ so thought I'd give regular TV a try.

The premise of Embarrassing Bodies is that people who have something a bit icky wrong with their bodies go and talk to a TV doctor who gives advice. I imagine the pitch was somewhere between "We're helping people seek medical advice" and "Ooh, look at the freaks".

There are some people with genuinely embarrassing problems. One woman had a tail growing out of her anus. Another had enough skin round her lady parts to knit a toy ferret. Assuming you could knit ferrets using lady-part skin. Let's assume for the purpose of this Plog that you can.

These people were "too embarrassed" to go to their doctor with the problem. Whilst not a sufferer of doctor nerves myself (please see gynaecologist Plog), I do appreciate it's a problem for a lot of people. That's fine. What I don't understand is if they're too scared to see their usual GP with a problem, why it is that as soon as there's a boom mike and a film crew with an HD camera, they couldn't be keener to drop their trousers and show us their scabby arse or big old flappy vagina.

Lucky old us. Nowt so queer as folk.

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