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Friday, August 22, 2008

Shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings

Last night was a GTG. A regular gathering of four women who are really old enough to know how to behave better but really don't. Or perhaps choose not to. We get together every month or so in a London restaurant and talk of many things. We are usually asked to leave at some point during the evening.

This particular GTG involved:

  • Champagne - because I'm celebrating (more news in due course)
  • Queefs
  • How we open drawers at work once we've just farted, to pass off the sound as a creaky piece of furniture.
  • Pubic hair styles - involving diagrams drawn on the back of dry cleaner receipts.
  • Whether or not there's a heaven (two for, one against, one undecided.)
  • Laughing so much that liquid comes out your nose.

In short, we covered pretty much every important topic. And I laughed until my stomach hurt. Others may have laughed until liquid came out of their nose. I can't comment.

Other news... it's off to Edinburgh tomorrow for TheBloke (TM) and me! We're visiting Nice Kate and doing exciting Festival things. Watch this space. Actually, don't. Watching a space is a bit dull. But maybe pop back in a few days. If you fancy it. No pressure.

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