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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bags and blogs and bullets

Sharp-eyed Ploggers may notice the page has changed. I'm not exactly sure what I've done, but the text seems to have gone a bit smaller. This, Ploggers, is "progress"!

I have also added some links to other blogs I read regularly. Some were very much the inspiration for my own writings. Others I've stumbled across accidentally but something has hooked me enough to keep reading. If you have a blog you think I should add, let me know. I'm strangely addicted to the minutae of other people's lives.

I did try and do a whizzy poll, but it all went a bit fucked. So I deleted it again.

So, what else is new? This week I have:

  • Done something exciting and scary which I can't talk about yet
  • Possibly started a war about rubbish bags with my neighbours
  • Seen the X-Files movie at the cinema
  • Had a loud group of teenage boys thrown out of the cinema for being - well - teenage boys
  • Realised I am entirely incapable of dancing and singing simultaneously (not actually at the cinema)
  • Failed to purchase a dead mouse in a milkbottle.

Just an average week really.

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