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Friday, September 19, 2008

Drama queen

This weekend represents the calm before the storm. Next week looks something like this:

  • Full time job. Extra stressful at the moment for reasons which will (hopefully) be revealed shortly.
  • Monday = technical rehearsal, followed by first dress rehearsal.
  • Tuesday = dress rehearsal
  • Wednesday = performance and overnight guest
  • Thursday = performance and overnight guest
  • Friday = performance and the Nunn clan as overnight guests
  • Saturday = entertaining the Nunns, performance, plus cast party.

So I am trying to use this weekend to gather my thoughts, recharge my batteries and chill out. This isn't really working. I am currently worrying about forty-seven different things (I did actually list them out a day or so ago), most of which I have absolutely no control over, and in many cases, worrying about them will probably just make things worse.

Like the fact that I might catch a cold in the next few days. So I'm overloading my system with echinacea, Vicks First Defence and Vitamin C. Every slight throat tickle is the heralder of doom.

If I live through to opening night, wish me luck - or tell me to break a leg!

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