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Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting personal

Off to the well-known department store I went. I was greeted by my personal shopper. (Before the piss-taking commences, please be aware of the following facts: a) I hate shopping and so try to wrap up an entire year's worth in one appointment a year, b) I missed the girls' lesson at school when they explained how to accessorise and c) the service is free).

Now, I'm no stranger to personal shoppers, who have ranged from the tardy (Lakeside) to the extremely old and deaf (Macy's). I wanted work clothes. Not suits necessarily, but corporate wear. I think it would be fair to say I was a bit taken aback by my personal shopper's appearance. Again, before you judge me, I genuinely don't normally evaluate people based on their looks... but when that person's going to be picking out your clothes, well, I suppose it's fairly natural to hope for a similar style.

Ploggers, her head was shaved. She wore a tweed jacket with a denim skirt and bright orange tights and patent leather sandals. She greeted me with the words, "Hi Laura. Well, you're my first ever client."

Oh good.

The appointments usually take about two hours. This one took four and a half hours. Four and a half hours! An entire hour of this was devoted to shoes. Shoes! A whole hour on shoes! That's just madness. I will not be shopping again for a very, very long time. Apologies to anyone with a birthday in the meantime.

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Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

The oh wise black box brought me here and I think it's purpose was to say, "Who in the #$%)#*$ hired her!" What the &#)()($*#! I'm trying to clean up my language...I have to pay my children a dollar everytime I swear....hence the &#)(#%&@. I digress. In my pre-children life I worked in an upscale boutique. Now I probably couldn't even match geranimals (sp?)(remember those from JC Penny's or was it Sears) Anyway, you have a stronger constitution than I do I would have turned around, walked out, went home and gone online. Thanks for sharing...I needed the chuckle :D...filled with sympathy of course.