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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top ten

I have been the world's worst Plogger. In my defence, I've had quite a ridiculously busy time of it, with about three "major life events" happening in the same day.

I'm far too tired to consider Plogging in detail at the moment, but in the last week, the following things have happened. I may tell you more about them in some detail at a later date. If you ask me nicely.

1. Tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, four performances of Little Shop of Horrors plus cast party
2. Quit my job. Didn't I tell you that? Well I have. My last day was Friday.
3. Didn't quite have a contract from the new job. Until Friday. The same day that the sector I work in announced more large-scale redundancies. Fun times and small amounts of panicking, whilst pretending to the parents I wasn't bothered. Because they were panicking too.
4. Had a new sofa delivered. Oh the glamour.
5. Had a lovely succession of overnight guests: Kath, Nice Kate and the Nunn clan.
6. Received a cornucopia of flowers - from work, from Nice Kate (who might get upgraded to Lovely Kate) and from TheBloke (TM). I am a lucky girl.
7. Spent most of the week tracking glitter through the flat. TheBloke (TM) found some in his underwear yesterday. He now worries he might be gay.
8. Got to play with the inflatable bed.
9. Cleared stuff out of the Corsa. Company car. It has to go. I'm not ready to talk about this yet.
10. Saw Tropic Thunder at the 02 Arena.

I will Plog properly soon. In the meantime, apologies to all friends I've been ignoring for ages!


Cathy said...

I was worried for you when I heard New Job was making redundancies! Especially as you'd be a newbie. Is it all sorted now?

Laura said...

Thanks for your concern. Well, I have a contract now... beyond that I suppose it's anyone's guess. Unstable market conditions at the moment, certainly.

L x