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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Statistically speaking

Number of new hubcaps to date: 0.

Likelihood of total number of hubcaps increasing over the next few days: exactly as likely as King Henry VIII coming over for dinner on Tuesday.

Chances that new hubcaps will be stolen fairly soon after they arrive: very likely (if the hubcaps ever turn up in the first place).

Number of bewildering conversations with the garage when I try and convince them I have a Corsa Club 3-door 1.2 in silver, and they insist that it's a Corsa Expression 5-door 1.0 in green: 6.

Number of times I've had to measure my own tyres: 2

Likelihood of nervous breakdown prior to hubcap arrival: wibble wibble lobster.

Synonym for hubcap: wheel trim. This has made my life easier. A bit. But not much. See above.

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