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Monday, March 10, 2008

Job opportunity

I was thinking today that I'd quite like to be the office pervert. We don't have one at the moment (or if we do, he's steering clear of me). And in this age of equal opportunities, I'd very much like to see a female office pervert appointed.

I'd be great at it. I'd hang round the kitchen, waiting for the chaps to reach down to the fridge for milk, and saying things like, "Phwoar, look at the arse on that. Milk? I'll give you some milk, darling." (Admittedly, this particular line works better if a man delivers it, and has rather different connotations coming from a woman, but I can work on that.)

As far as I am aware, the company I work for has never had a female office pervert. Wake up guys, it's the 21st century. Time for equality. Admittedly the role itself is often a short-lived one - quite a high turnover, which is something to do with HR policies. But I look forward to making the role my own.

And as men outnumber women about two to one where I work, there's plenty of fodder for me to perve over and make inappropriate comments to. I could even start "accidentally" rubbing up against them in the lift.

Might make the days go quicker.

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Anonymous said...

Our office has an official Office Pervert who happens to be female. Last time I spoke to her, the debate centred around Cavaliers and Roundheads, with nary a mention of Naseby, Marston Moor, Naseby, etc.