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Sunday, March 16, 2008

There's a little ditty they're singing in the city...

I pretended I was being considerate in inviting TheBloke (TM) over after the rugby had finished. I pitched it as if I was doing him a favour. I didn't mention it was because I wanted to watch I'd Do Anything by myself. For my international readers, this is the first in a new TV series where Graham Norton, Andrew Lloyd-Webber and others audition the public at large for a leading role in a new production of Oliver! Previous series have already had successes with The Sound of Music and Joseph. And this time they're casting three Olivers and a Nancy.

Oliver! is one of my favourite musicals; I even named a bunny rabbit after the show when I was ten. I begged my mum to buy me the sheet music when I was seven and barely able to hammer out the melody line of Where is Love? I can still play a mean Food Glorious Food, given the three Ps - piano, privacy and practice. I digress, but I do love the musical, and Nancy is a fab part for an alto. Also I remain totally fascinated by how much Andrew Lloyd-Webber resembles my high school's headmistress. I'm digressing again.

Unfortunately TheBloke (TM) was a few minutes early, and - having paused the Sky+ for some reason or other, I was a few minutes behind live TV... So essentially he arrived before I'd finished watching it. I tried to turn it off, but he insisted I should watch the last ten minutes.

"Do you promise not to make sarcastic comments?" I asked.

"Have you been crying at the television?" he asked back at me.

"Shut up," I said, thus winning the argument.

All in all, it was not a brilliant idea. TheBloke (TM) made a sarcastic comment approximately every 0.2 seconds, topping it all with: "Shock horror - Graham Norton on the lookout for Nancies."


Sara said...

Were you in the Boothwood version of Oliver back in the day? It was before we did Alice.
I still have cast pictures of it at home actually... found them when I moved last :)

Laura said...

No, sadly Mum wouldn't let me get involved in case it affected my schoolwork. I sulked long and hard enough, plus named my pet after the show to convince her that I really should be allowed to do the next production. Hence the embarrassing White Rabbit photos!

I did go and see it though - amazingly high standard for a school production. Scary to think Mrs Bairstow was only about 22 at the time!

L x

Sara said...

I think I'll plan to scan the Oliver photos anyway... quite a few people to embarrass via Facebook :) It's just too easy!