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Friday, November 23, 2007

Bullets over Broadway

I am very, very tired right now, so will not be any use as a Plogger.

However, my week has been full of exciting things, and I will regale you with a selection of potentially hilarious anecdotes once full consciousness has been regained. This may not be until next week.

Some things you may want to look forward to:

  • Winning at Book Club (Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai. Don't bother. Nominated for the Booker Prize as far as I can tell because it was a) ethnic and b) female. If you want to read something in this category, go for The God of Small Things which is astonishingly good. Although I have to say that my experiences earlier in the week have put me off anything vaguely Indian.)
  • A very big argument with the manager of Jones the Bootmakers.
  • Two theatre trips in two days. I'm so Sex and the City. Oh, hang on, they didn't go to the theatre, did they? They mostly got pissed and shagged around a lot. Back to the drawing board.

That is all for now. May your weekends be shiny and splendiferous.

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