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Monday, November 19, 2007


Tomorrow I have to go and queue at 6 a.m. in the street outside the Indian Embassy to get a visa. The Indian Embassy doesn't open until 8.30, but only issues 2000 visas a day, and I have been warned that if I arrive later than 7 in the morning, then the 2000 people in front of me will mean I will depart visa-less. And India-less. Work is certainly getting their money's worth out of me at the minute.

So, late November, 6 a.m., I am realistically imagining the following scenarios:

  • It will be too dark to read. I will be forced to make conversation with a) a batty old man who stands too close and calls me 'darling' and b) a hippy with smelly dreadlocks. Dreadlocks always smell. Don't pretend they don't.
  • It will rain. A lot.
  • It will start to sleet a bit.
  • I will find out that the hippy in front of me was actually just keeping a place in the queue for 30 other people.
  • It will rain some more.
  • The batty old man will start an inappropriate topic of conversation. Probably corsets or oral sex. If I'm really lucky, maybe both.
  • At midday when I finally reach the head of the queue, the Indian Embassy will decide a) I don't look anything like my passport photo (this, bizarrely is true, even though it was only five years or so ago) b) my application letter from India was published on a public holiday and therefore not valid or c) they have reached their daily quota of women in their twenties wanting a business visa.
  • I will have to come back the next day. When it's snowing.

Wish me luck.

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Sara said...

Sounds like when I had to go get my new green card (for perminent residence) here in the US. It was a large room full of rows of chairs, filled with shady looking people, in an unlabeled building in Philadelphia... I made it out alive AND I actually got my new card in the mail this week! I'm goof for another 10 years! Phew!