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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hair raising

I have been very busy. So busy that I ran out of shampoo three days ago and haven't yet had enough time to go to the shops (whilst they're still open) to replenish the supply. Currently my hair is surviving on the absolute diluted squeezings of the last bottle, and snatched globules of shampoo belonging to TheBloke (TM). Don't tell him.

I have been so busy. I have:

- Not yet managed to get an acceptance card for a friend's wedding (sorry Karen - on the list, will be done at the weekend, promise!)
- Physically been at the office for more hours than I have been at home for the last three days, in one case memorably returning to the office just seven hours after I left it to go home.
- Seen a depressing play at the National Theatre ("A year of magical thinking" - a one-hander with Vanessa Redgrave. Well done, but a bit draining.)
- Had dinner with Boothie and caught up on the gossip.
- Been promoted from chorus in Little Shop of Horrors to Ronette. Amusing anecdote on this very subject may follow. When I'm less knackered. I just tried to spell "follow" as "phollow". When my spelling goes, you know things are bad.

And on that note... bonne nuit.


Anonymous said...

you can beat us all at the BBc spelling quiz if you want to feel superior. I got 18/20. bloody bastard bollocking accommodation! grrr!!!!!!


Laura said...


But didn't dare complete the maths test which followed...

L x