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Friday, July 18, 2008

Turf war

So I have the Corsa back. Finally. After each day being assured that "parts haven't arrived yet"... apparently from Germany. One wonders how German Vauxhall actually is. Thinking about it though, to be fair, I have no idea where Vauxhalls are manufactured. Perhaps they are German. It is a bit worrying - I've driven a Vauxhall for ten years, and never paused to consider where in the world they might be made.

I'm guessing it isn't Vauxhall South London. Though now I think about it, it is the sort of area where one is likely to be able to purchase spare car parts - to order.

Hey ho. I have the Corsa back, though the bastarding fuck-wanky council are still refusing to refund the towing charge for the courtesy car which was parked in my own personal space which I pay for. Still, I'll get my own back somehow. Only this morning I failed to put my recycling out for collection. Oh yes, I'll win this one in the long term.

But for now it is Friday evening and all plans of council-based destruction will be put on hold until Monday. The reception on the first floor at work does free Crunchie Bars on a Friday. I may need to pop by there more often on Fridays, I suspect. These things happen.

Have a lovely weekend, Ploggers everywhere.

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