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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Let them eat cake

So much to tell, so much to tell, so little time. I was supposed to make a cake last night, but we got free theatre tickets instead to see The Female of the Species, with Eileen Atkins, Anna Maxwell-Martin and others, so cake-baking plans were kiboshed in favour of a very funny play. It's still in previews at the moment, but I'd definitely recommend it once it opens. The balsa wood cinema line had me chuckling many hours later.

Things I need to tell you, but probably won't get round to today:

  1. Little Shop of Horrors rehearsals. Don't ask. Well, you won't have to, because I'll tell you, just not right now.
  2. The latest CorSaga. The garage still has my Corsa a week later. I still have their courtesy car. Well, I did, the last time I checked. But with the wanky towing fuckheads around, it's probably already gone again.
  3. The cake I nearly made, in fact might still. Lots to do.

But in the meantime I must prepare myself. For Erica and Dean are - as I type this - hurtling on their way from the Midlands to attend our Third Annual Barbecue Extravaganza (TABE). Obviously it's freezing cold and looks like it might rain any second. This is excellent, as that's exactly what happened last year. This year we will be cunning and consider delaying barbecue plans until tomorrow if necessary. I'm sure it will rain then too.

I will update you on the TABE once more news is available. I hope Dean doesn't cry again this year.


Kristen In London said...

hello! we are Americans transplanted in London (except for the summer when we're back in the US) and I am dying to get tickets to this play. Do tell more!

Kristen In London said...

Please, I mean!

Laura said...

Hi Kristen

What would you like to know?

In terms of ticket booking, I'm afraid I can't help: I was offered free preview tickets I think because they needed an audience. If you're having no luck with the usual channels, you can always try turning up on the night, perhaps an hour before the show - there were plenty of spare seats when I was there (but then of course it was still in previews).

Hope you get to see it - and hope you enjoy the show!

L x