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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So a while back I auditioned for a musical. As per the previous entry, I thought I'd be really rather good. I really wasn't. And so wasn't surprised when I received the prestigious part of Little Shop of Horrors chorus member. I didn't even know they had a chorus. I had a nasty suspicion they might have made one just for me.

Anyway, a few weeks later, I get an email from my friend Teresa who didn't even audition for the muscial. She forwards to me an email from the director, telling her that the girl who's playing Ronnette has dropped out, and asking Teresa if she'd like to step into the role. Teresa - laughing her head off - forwards the email to me with a note attached - "You must really suck." I have great friends.

Turns out the director asked at least two other people... before finally turning to me. Obviously I used this information to wind him up at rehearsal. So, self-esteem at an all-time low, I'm taking on the part of Ronnette. Badly, obviously. As well as not being a strong singer, and achieving a fairly weak American accent, I also can't dance. Really, if anything, they should have cast me as the plant. So long as I didn't have to move. Or speak. Perhaps not the plant then. Perhaps just a plant. Like a geranium. Or a begonia.

Fuck it, directing's much easier.


Sara said...

Maybe we should switch roles... I'm in rehearsals for Comedy of Errors, and I'm realising I suck at Shakespeare!!!

Anonymous said...

When is the musical Laura? Please, please let it be late July early August so I can come and watch??!! :o)


Laura said...

Sara - I've never performed Shakespeare, but I'm guessing if there's no dancing or singing, I probably couldn't be any worse than I am at musical theatre.

Hazel - sorry, not performing until September. Still, if you were a proper friend, you'd come back from NZ a few weeks later to see...


L x