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Friday, May 23, 2008

My belle

Last night TheBloke (TM) let me have a go on his Grand Theft Auto IV. It was a lot of fun. At some points I was laughing so hard that I steered my car into a lamppost. At other times, poor driving skills meant I steered my car into a lamppost.

Unlike Portal, at least I didn't get lost this time. Much. There was sat nav at least.

I won't bang on about the game too much - I guess you either love that sort of thing (mindless violence and rudeness) or you hate it. I loved it. For me it was probably escapism. In real life I won't even return library books late, so the ability to steal someone's car just because I feel like it, or start a fight with a random stranger because I didn't like the look of them was brilliant.

TheBloke (TM) had already had the game for a few days and had made enough progress that, within the game, he'd already got himself a girlfriend called Michelle. However, he was having trouble getting Michelle to put out. She'd give him a goodnight kiss, but no more than that. However, when I took control of the game, despite the fact that my character got drunk, started a fight and stole a car, she still followed me home and I shagged her.

This proves I'm vastly better with women than TheBloke (TM). He did get to shag her later, but I'd already loosened her up by then. So to speak. He can have my sloppy seconds. That's fine by me.

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Anonymous said...

When I read things like this, deep down, I know all is well with the world.